Common Questions About Hair Extensions

Can hair extensions cause hair loss? Are hair extensions worth it? This article will discuss these important questions to help you make an informed decision about your hair extension needs.

  • How much do extensions cost? Hair extensions can range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand. Depending on your specific needs, the cost can vary. Some extensions may cost up to $200, while others might cost up to six thousand.
  • How long do extensions last? Hair extensions last between six and eight weeks. The length of time they last will vary based on the hair extension supplier. Keep in mind that extensions usually last between six to ten weeks.
  • Are hair extensions safe? Although hair extension products are not recommended for anyone under eighteen years of age, they are safe for all ages. Hair extensions are safe for your hair to be in contact with for anywhere between a week to a month.
  • Are hair extensions worth it? If you’re looking to add length or volume to your hair, there’s no question that hair extension products are the way to go. Hair extensions don’t require any maintenance. However, you should always check with your hair extension provider before you get your hair extension done. They will be able to provide you with the best advice about how well the extensions are made.
  • Do hair loss treatments cost too much? Although hair extension products have been proven to reduce the appearance of hair loss, many people are still concerned about their treatment costs. There are some types of hair loss treatments that are extremely expensive. If you find yourself in this position, you may want to consider finding alternative ways to treat your hair loss.
Hair Extensions
  • Are hair loss treatments worth it? Hair extension products are safe for everyone to use. It’s just a matter of making sure that you find the right product for your particular needs.
  • Are hair loss treatments worth it if it’s not permanent? In most cases, these hair loss treatments can be removed at any time with your doctor’s help.
  • Are hair loss treatments worth it if it can damage my health? While hair extensions are generally considered as a cosmetic treatment, you may be concerned about the health and appearance of your hair. When using these products, you should avoid anything that will potentially irritate your skin such as hair gel, waxing, blow-drying, or perming.
  • How long will hair extensions last? The amount of time that hair extensions last will depend on your hair extensions supplier. They will also vary depending on your natural hair growth. The longer the hair, the longer it will take for it to grow.
  • Do I have to wash my hair every day? This should be a pretty obvious question, but most people don’t think about it. Most hair extensions will require an initial treatment that you will need to apply daily after a clean-cut and shampoo. You should always make sure that you rinse your hair well after applying any treatment, but you should also be careful not to wash too much.
  • Will I get compliments about my new hair if I wear extensions? For a lot of people, they feel very comfortable with the looks that are added to their hair with extensions. Even if they do get compliments, you should still try to keep them natural to avoid over-applying them.
  • What if I have to have hair extensions put in every couple of months? If you want to change your hair regularly, you will have to wait until they fall out before you place the new ones in. You can usually get new extensions at least once every six months.